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Cardano battle of the builders

zkFold took the 3rd place at Cardano Summit 2023 in Dubai

The top 10 contestants of the Battle of the Builders presented their projects to a jury and Summit attendees. These projects included NMKR (NFT creation and secondary marketplace), NEWM (music streaming governed by musicians), Xerberus (digital asset portfolio risk management), FiDa (insurance contract tokenization), Mehen USDM (bridge between traditional finance and blockchain), Iagon (AI-driven shared storage platform), Maestro (Web3 stack for DApps and smart contracts), zkFold (scaling solution for Cardano), Finest (platform for trading tokenized real-world assets), and TVVIN (improving accessibility to traditional assets).

Battle of the Builders results:

1st Place: Maestro

2nd Place: NEWM

3rd Place: zkFold


Source: https://cardanofoundation.org/blog/cardano-summit-2023-networking-soiree-recap