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zkFold UPLC Converter

Compiles Untyped Plutus Core (UPLC) scripts into arithmetic circuits and lets developers code ZK smart contracts in their language of choice. No ZKP expertise required!

  • No script length limit

    UPLC scripts have a hard limit on size as they must fit into a Cardano transaction (currently, 16 KB).

  • No CEK execution budget limit

    Forget about ExUnits! Zero knowledge smart contracts can be arbitrarily complex. Express your contract logic in a natural way. No need for hacky optimizations.

  • No redeemer size limit

    Redeemers are now private data and are not submitted on-chain. They can be arbitrarily large and only used in the off-chain code to prove transaction validity.

  • Cost-efficient for complex logic

    The complexity of your smart contract does not affect the network fees. It is based on the cost of on-chain zero knowledge proof verification and the number of inputs and outputs in the transaction.

  • Private smart contracts

    Zero knowledge smart contracts are represented on-chain by polynomial commitments that do not reveal the contract logic.